Pokemon GO's April 2021 Friendship Day Event is now live, with players able to take part in a Collection Challenge focused on Grass-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sors follows Asher's journey as he strives to become the best, and then flows into Siara's business to bring order to the chaos.

Shadow Pokemon are enigmatic Pokémon that Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders abandon after losing a battle. They differ from regular Pokémon by having a burning purple aura, glowing red eyes, and a more menacing expression.

Which Pokemon is at the top now that Shadow Pokemon have dominated the Pokemon GO meta with their boosted Attack stats?

Instead of catching and using Pokemon, your job in Pokemon Naruto Shippuden Advance Ninja Showdown is to catch characters from the original Naruto Shippuden series, and collect them all.

In Japan, the National Museum of Nature and Science collaborates with Pokémon to create a Pokemon Fossil Museum that compares pokemon to dinosaurs.

This is a list of the best completed pokemon gba rom hacks of all time. All roms in this list are pre-patched so, you don't have to worry about patching them yourself.

A massive Pokemon Go datamine compiled by sleuths on the Silph Road subreddit has unearthed traces of Pokemon Go routes and their rewards and new challenges!

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour on April 20: Everything You Need to Know! Grimer will appear in the wild more frequently than usual, and you will receive 2x stardust.

Pokemon Go Leaf Storm: Learn everything you need to know about Leaf Storm in Pokemon Go, including Leaf Storm base stats, a list of Pokemon with this move.