Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y

Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y GBA Rom

  • Creator: PufferJumps
  • Version: Build 4
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: April 22, 2017

Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y follow the original Pokemon FireRed story, with lots of twists and turns and with the addition of Mega Evolution & Gen 7 Pokemon!

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  • Pokemon from Gen 1-7
  • Items, abilities, and moves from Gen 6 and 7
  • DS styled sprites
  • Mega Evolutions,
  • Legendary Forms
  • Accurate Egg moves
  • Updated movepools
  • Slightly increased difficulty
  • B/W Repel System
  • IV-EV Checker
  • Stat Indicators
  • Day & Night system
  • Shiny encounter rate of 1/4096 (1/1356 with a Shiny Charm)

Useful Stuff

Known Bugs

  • Fishing Rods could crash the game
  • Reshiram cry is broken
  • Opening the menu in the Safari Zone does some strange things
  • Breeding with Destiny Knot does nothing and may crash the game
  • Life Orb, Black Sludge, and Rocky Helmet currently do nothing
  • Iron Plate has no effect




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