Pokemon Myth

Pokemon Myth

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  • Creator: falcary
  • Version: v5.9.2
  • Updated: October 2, 2023

Pokemon Myth is an RPGXP Fangame by falcary made using Pokemon Essentials & RPG Maker XP. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on October 2, 2023.

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“A trainer who truly tries their hardest will always succeed in the end, despite the amount of evil they face…”

Pokemon Myth is all about proving your worth, with many new faces that believe in you throughout your journey, you must strive to become the new Pokemon Champion and prove to everyone that you are more than just a 15-year-old kid from Courmine Village. Throughout your journey, you gain the trust of many strong trainers, who see potential in you and ask for your help against Team Corrupt. Team Corrupt is an evil organization commanded by an anonymous face, and their goal is to create a newfound power by using Arceus and Mew, the two gods of the Mythan Region! Follow this team to the depths of Mythic Forest, Lost Temple, to finally put a stop to once and for all, prove that you can beat all 8 gyms along the way, and take over the Pokemon League, to show that you can succeed!

Infusion Types (New Gimmick)

“My Pokemon… Its attacks are much more powerful now!”

Introducing, a new gimmick! Infusion Types are a way to infuse your Pokemon’s DNA with Type-Specific DNA extracted from the ancient ruins and buried secrets of Mythan! Pokemon can have up to 2 Infusion Types at once! These Infusion Types add a x1.25 boost to the moves of the Pokemons Infusion Types!

(This stacks on top of STAB as well!)

(You will not lose your original typing!)

(You can have the Infusion Typing be the same as your real typing!)

Help Team Rose/Infusion Inc. discover more about this phenomenon! As you do, gain the trust of them as well and power up your party with the help of Team Rose/Infusion Inc.!

Team Corrupt

“A world where Pokemon can live at peace… Imagine it… The current cruel world has climate change, and natural disasters… These events destroy these poor Pokemon’s homes…”

Team Corrupt is the first of many Teams you will encounter! As you journey through Mythan, you will meet Team Corrupt! They have great plans, but will they execute it as intended? Follow the Team Admins as they rebel against their leader and go against their leaders word! Will you help prevent their plans from going south? Or will you be too busy trying to stop their other plans?

Team Astra

“Prove to me that you’re worth my time and effort, and maybe then we can have a battle…”

Team Astra has made their way from the Serene region after their leader was disqualified from being the Pokemon Champion in Serene! Team Astra thinks that Mythan is a great place to call home… Can you keep up with the time, and their busty rhymes? Their leader has never lost a battle, and will do anything for their Pokemon… Do you have what it takes to prove to their leader that you are worthy enough to be their opponent?

Team Rose/Infusion Inc.

“Unlike others, we do good for our region, and our research always pays off!”

Team Rose/Infusion Inc. are the main researchers of Infusion Types! They succeed in most studies that they do and never let the region down! They are known for being an amazing organization for the region and the community living within Mythan! Will you choose to help them out and get your hands on Infusion Types as well?

New Mega Forms/Regional Forms/Fakemon


  • New megas
  • New forms
  • Loads of Fakemon
  • Star-Face shiny variants
  • Player-controlled gyms (Our community gets gyms based on them!)
  • 2 Regions with massive exploration (Plus Sinnoh and Unova)
  • Custom mechanics
  • New moves
  • New items
  • New types
  • New Eeveelutions and Megas!
  • And more!


Pokemon Myth


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