Pokemon Isles of Mariyama

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Isles of Mariyama GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Ice Winged Magical Otter
  • Version: Alpha 2
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: January 23, 2024

Pokemon Isles of Mariyama (renamed to Pokemon Wings of Chaos) is a GBA ROM Hack by Ice Winged Magical Otter based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on January 23, 2024.

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*Renamed to Pokemon Wings of Chaos

“Delve into the unknown.”


Millennia in the past, a great catastrophe descended upon our Isles.

During an intense downpour, Mount Koronoa unleashed its fury beneath the moonless night. The volcano erupted, spewing ominous smoke that transformed the rain into a relentless shower of ashfall and acid.

The contamination reached the seas and forests, driving the once serene wildlife into a state of ferocious unpredictability. Even the three revered guardians of our isles succumbed to corruption, engaging in brutal conflicts amongst themselves. Helplessly, our ancestors witnessed their protective winged beings bring unprecedented chaos and destruction to their homelands.

In the darkest hour, a magnificent dragon, ethereal in silver radiance, emerged from the ocean depths. With a resounding roar and a single powerful beat of its colossal wings, a mighty gust swept across the isles, dispelling the malevolent storm and extinguishing its wicked influence. The majestic dragon retreated into the abyss, disappearing without a trace.

Today, we revere this celestial being as Lugia, The Savior of Mariyama.


As a young and aspiring trainer hailing from a distant region, you find yourself bestowed with a unique opportunity—to journey to the tropical Isles of Mariyama! Professor Sheldon Palm, your new mentor, warmly welcomes you as one of his students, inviting you to assist him in conducting field research across the vibrant isles. Your arrival synchronizes with the much-anticipated Silverwing Festival, an annual extravaganza hosted by the Silverwing Order to pay homage to their revered savior, Lugia.

Embarking on an adventure, you traverse the three principal islands of Oranna, Lumine, and Ignea, aiming to challenge their respective gym leaders. Your goal is twofold: securing entry into the prestigious Silverwing Festival Tournament and completing the Pokédex for Professor Palm. However, as you delve deeper into the exploration of the isles, you slowly unravel a mysterious and ominous secret that appears visible only to you.

Now, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders to expose this hidden truth and bring it into the light.


  • Updated Game Engine: IoM uses pokeemerald-expansion as the base game engine, which includes a ton of features from battle upgrades to all Pokémon up to generation 8!
  • Unique Story: Explore three (one as of alpha v1) different islands, each with brimming personalities, and uncover the truth behind them!
  • HM QoL/Progression: Instead of having HM moves, they are locked behind nonessential Key Items you find in the story, and inaccessible areas can be unlocked by using them.
  • Day/Night System: Some quests and NPCs will only be accessible at certain times.
  • Quest System: Inspired by Pokémon Unbound, there is a quests menu that will keep track of all of the available quests and current todo.
  • Boss Battles: Some Pokémon found in the wild that are stronger than usual and serve as obstacles to your path.
  • Difficulty: Battles in IoM are designed to not be easy, but not pushovers either. Our future goals are to focus more on resource management as well as other game-specific interactions.
  • Pokémon Changes: Some Pokémon need some love, and some stats or movesets have been modified to increase their viability (as of alpha v1, these Pokémon have not been available yet.

Known Bugs – Alpha V1

  • In Minty Meadows, after facing a certain trainer, you are softlocked to the area until you lose to a trainer or progress the story. If you lose, interesting things may occur. Apologies for any inconveniences you may face in this area; we are in the process of improving it for the future!
  • If there’s any more, let us know!

What’s New! – Alpha 2

  • Updated Graphics
  • Story Goes upto the First Gym / Island



Previous Versions


The team, Ice Winged Magical Otter or IWMO for short:

  • lordraindance – General Scripting, Maps, Features
  • poetahto – General Scripting, Maps, Graphics, Music (soonTM)
  • ressykins – Story, Maps, Scripting

Many thanks to:

  • RHH
  • ghoulslash – many
  • AsparagusEduardo – many
  • ShinyDragonHunter – DNS system
  • PokemonSanFran – quest menu
  • TheXaman – many
  • Pawkkie – Team Aqua Hideout resources
  • grunt-lucas – porytiles
  • Archie5000 – youtube