Pokemon Rosen Version

Pokemon Rosen Version

Download Pokemon Rosen Version RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: ValiantSoul
  • Version: 1.0.7
  • Updated: March 6, 2023

Pokemon Rosen Version is an RPGXP FanGame by ValiantSoul made using Pokémon Essentials & RPG Maker XP in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on March 6, 2023.

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Welcome to Alyssia ZERO Server…


The year is 2122, and the technology giant Cyber has just unveiled its latest product: an immersive deep dive system into a world long forgotten by modern culture: the World of Pokémon! The long-forgotten franchise was reawakened from the pages of history and recreated in virtual reality at the request of the Cyber CEO’s child. Instead of simply repeating history, the team behind this monumental effort created an entirely new region, Alyssia! Our dedicated team has created an immersive and dynamic story for you to explore, as well as introduced a new Pokemon variant to the AI-driven populace, the Rosen-formes. Recently, it appears that there have been errors in our program, and NPCs are not behaving as expected.

The Story so far…

You are the son of Cyber’s CEO, the world’s largest technology conglomerate. Pokémon, a long-dead franchise, has been resurrected at your request in the form of an immersive reality simulation that uses a player’s dreams to create realistic experiences and sensations. You are the first to test the system on the project’s launch day, but something unexpected happens – the systems designed to protect you do not, and the fail-safes are disabled, sending you spiraling into a test server known as Alyssia ZERO with no memories or recollections of where you came from.

When Professor Oak tells you that Rosen Forme Pokémon come from the same world as you and that his colleague, an expert on them, has gone missing, your journey begins. Professor Oak believes they used a strange technology to bring you through to this world. He wants to see your impact on the world around you, as these Pokémon have been wreaking havoc on various ecosystems throughout the region.

On your journey, you will come across the mysterious Team Null, who claim to know that the reality around them is not what it appears to be, and wish to reduce that world to nothing, to Null… you will not fight them alone, however, as strangely familiar figures from a life you no longer remember begin to appear to guide you through an ever-changing world within which you do not truly belong.

Shadow Pokémon, on the other hand, have resurfaced alongside this evil. Will you and your allies be able to fight back against the growing darkness?


  • 147+ new Rosen Formes
  • A unique OST with original songs by Dingerfish and Doomdegree25!
  • A complete National Dex at the release of the final Episode!
  • Rebalanced Pokémon Types and Abilities!
  • Shadow Pokémon make a terrifying return! They take on a new shadowy apperarance!
  • 15+ hours of story content in Episode 1 alone
  • A dynamic questing system with many side quests in each locale
  • 100 Golden Spinarak to find for a family in need…
  • Custom sprites for many important NPC’s
  • PokeTriad World Championship an optional plot point
  • Unlockable Move Relearner akin to Legends Arceus
  • Custom shiny sprites for many classic Pokemon
  • Strange Lost Rifts that contain fragments of another world…
  • Rebattle enhanced copies of trainers in the Proto Gym for unique rewards…
  • HM Items to remove the need for HM’s entirely
  • Use Nature Therapy to alter your Pokémon’s nature!
  • Reach the Conservation Centre to EV Train and reset with ease!
  • Challenging battles where key NPC’s try to overwhelm with tactics
  • A world that changes and encourages revisiting old locales


Pokemon Rosen Version