Pokemon PS: The First Journey

Pokemon PS: The First Journey

Download Pokemon PS: The First Journey RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: AenaonDusky
  • Version: 9.4 (Completed)
  • Updated: January 16, 2023
  • Source: RelicCastle

Pokemon PS: The First Journey is an RPGXP FanGame by AenaonDusky made using Pokemon Essentials & RPG Maker XP. in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on January 16, 2023.

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A swan song to the older generations who started with the originals, and a novel, thrilling, emotional story for the newer generations!!


Experience “Generation 0” where it all began – witness Professor Oak’s first journey across the Kanto Region – and after you are done, follow Red’s Journey to Johto, 40 years later, in search of a very important person!

Two adventures in one! Instead of a traditional postgame, you’ll get to experience a new story, throughout a challenging Johto, in the shoes of the (second) strongest Trainer in the world! Follow Red’s Journey to redemption after a devastating and humiliating loss to Ethan (Gold). Witness his transformation from loneliness to maturity, as he traverses Johto together with a cast of familiar characters.

For details about the post-game (Red’s Journey West) visit their official thread on RelicCastle


1947 Kanto is a rapidly developing region. The term “trainer” is somewhat recent, with most people in the creature business referring to themselves as “tamers.” They fight for money, have the right to catch another Pokémon from Tamer if they win, and generally inflict a lot of suffering on the inhabitants.

A “creature fever” overtook the country after Kantians learned to construct capsules (Poké Balls) out of Apricorns. Young people have been seduced by the rush to earn quick money, put obligations aside, and enjoy unprecedented freedom and strength. Students began dropping out of school, and gangs swiftly developed, despite the elders’ regular objections.

You are tasked in this chaotic setting with bringing to Kanto (and the entire “Pokémon” nation)… not a set of rules, not a new kind of fight, but an entire infrastructure that will ultimately be accountable for the construction of modern customs. coaches in the way we know them Will you be able to restore law and order to the region, or will the Kanto wilds overpower you?


  • Inspired by the beta versions of Red and Green, (Trainers using whips, an economy based on Pokémon, initial knowledge or concepts that have been discarded, Pokémon being closer to natural organisms than multiverse mythological multi-beings).
  • Kanto visually remastered closer to how it was in gen 1 (hey, no nostalgia here, don’t go the genwunner route, kthxbye). For example, Route 1 has fields on both sides, not trees like in Generation 3. Kanto is much more rural, as depicted in older artwork.
  • Man-made items are practically non-existent, you need to make Apricorns Poké Balls (an unrealistic time system means you can convert a ball relatively quickly), find berries or roots, and generally, be thrifty-minded. You can buy Pokemon, but you cannot sell them.
  • Establish the first gyms and first league, taking down groups of tamers whose activities can sometimes be… reprehensible
  • The only known evolution method is “level-up” evolution. At least for those who know that Pokemon can even evolve in the first place…
  • Many Pokemon that are known to be rare today, are ubiquitous in this era. Well, not as ubiquitous, but much easier to find.
  • Access your “Storage Boxes” from the menu. Well, computers don’t exist yet, at least in Kanto, and there’s no restriction forcing teleportation into your… balls… if you have more than six of them. Then you can just put those extra mons inside your bag.
  • Organize your resources carefully. Berries aside, they are limited, and losing a battle means losing a lot of money. Healing services are rare and expensive.
  • A modified HGSS soundtrack, with some OG tracks in the mix, aims to replicate the OG feeling of Kanto music in an authentic way. What would the soundtrack look like back then, if it wasn’t constrained by GB’s audio hardware?
  • Discover the pasts of various characters, from Koga to Bertha, and witness the transformation of a ragtag, loose group of tamers into gym leaders.
  • A gripping story that explains Oak’s past and his role in every future coach’s journey.


Pokemon PS: The First Journey

For those of you who have completed The First Journey on its older (pre-v4.0) release, you might not be able to trigger the second part of the game. In that case, please use the savefile linked below.



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