Pokemon Fire Gold

Pokemon Fire Gold GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fire Gold GBA ROM

  • Creator: Tzx211
  • Version: v1.4.1 (Completed)
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: September 05, 2022

Pokemon Fire Gold is a GBA ROM Hack by Tzx211 based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on September 05, 2022.

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The player travels through the center region of Johto and Kanto, to defeat Gyms and battle against Team Rocket. Added in the post-game contents, players will also be able to re-battle gym leaders, encounter Celebi, and trade regional forms.


  • Goldenrod City Sales & Radio Lucky Number.
  • Intensive Custom Music Added.
  • Finished Johto, Kanto & Mt. Silver!
  • Battle 16 Gyms & Challenge Each Region’s Elite Four.
  • Roaming Legendaries & VS Seeker Trainers.
  • Bug Catching Contest & Apricorn Pokeball Maker.
  • Fairy Type, New Moves, New Abilities & Items.
  • Galarian & Hisui Forms Were Added In The Game.
  • Cameo Events: Lake Of Rage Floods & Clefairy Dance.


  • The main plot of the game is currently 100% complete. But the author plans to add side quests.
  • Add variants from generation 9 and pokemon that are supposed to be in the Johto Region, like Darumaka and Tornadus…


Useful Stuff


Previous Versions


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  • Kanto Trainer Overhaul (Not Everyone has Re-battle)
  • Updated Encounter Rates
  • Updated Some Moves
  • Updated Some Overworld Sprites
  • Updated Some Pokemon Sprites
  • Updated Certain Events to Make them Look Better
  • Updated Some Tiles and Maps
  • Big Music Update
  • New Wallpaper
  • Flying Possible to Multiple Locations
  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Furniture System
  • Changed Overworld Sprite Aesthetic
  • New Abilities
  • 33% Berries
  • Updated Trainer Card
  • Updated Badge Count
  • Updated Gym Leader Sprites
  • Updated Evolution Stone Availability
  • Updated Magnet Train Animation
  • Added Apricorn Balls
  • Fixed Various Bugs


  • Updated Ruins of Alph Puzzle
  • Some Tile Updates
  • Some Sprite Updates
  • Unown Report
  • Intimidate Fixed
  • No More Game Crashes


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Base: Prof. Leon Dias
Tutorials for changing cover: Aspiring Pokemon Trainer
Music: Black Fragrant
Sprite works: Chaos Rush, Black Fragrant,
GBA Intro Manager by Diegoisawesome
DNS system: PrimalDialga
HMA: Haven
Nameless TileMap Editor by D-Trogh
Gen 3 hacking suite
Gen 3 tools for hacking
Advance Map
OverWorld Manager by Kimonas
Advance Tile Animation Editor by LU-HO
Battle Script Pro by Jambo51
Cry Editor 1.4 by Esperance
pokemon encryption and decryption: Mystery Man
special shout out to BSBob, he gave me emotional support when I was in an all-time-low. checkout his in-progress hack: pokemon vanadium.