Pokemon Moon Black 2

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Moon Black 2 NDS Rom

  • Creator: JrFort & Aster
  • Hack of: Black 2
  • Version: Beta 4.2.2
  • Updated: April 4, 2022

Pokemon Moon Black 2 is an NDS Rom Hack Based on Pokemon Black 2 With Gen 7 Pokemon, Mega Evolution, Alolan Forms, New Regional Forms, New Protagonist & Much More!

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After becoming the League Champion and defeating the final Hurrah Island challenge Prof. Kukui allowed Sun/Moon and others to travel to the Unova Region for a year and test what they learned in Alola. Your rival Gladion followed and together you chose new starters for the journey across Unova. Rumors say Team Skull has also been spotted in Unova. Sun/Moon was also granted permission to enter the Regional Tournament at the PWT representing the Alola region if they defeat the Unova Champion!


  • New Pokemon
  • Mega Evolution (Outside of battle)
  • Pokemon from Unova, Kalos, Alola & Galar
  • Unova Forms and Alola Forms
  • New Rivals
  • New Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion
  • New Items
  • New Moves
  • New Events
  • Harder Difficulty
  • Fairy Type and the new type chart
  • Brand New Pokemon World Tournament – With Trainers From Every Region


Pokemon Moon Black 2
Pokemon Moon Black 2
Pokemon Moon Black 2

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