Pokemon Tioh – The Mark of The Sky

Pokemon Tioh – The Mark of The Sky

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Tioh – The Mark of The Sky GBA Rom

  • Creator: Tioh
  • Version: Alpha 0.11
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Tioh – The Mark of The Sky is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Tioh based on Pokemon Emerald in Chinese. And It is now available to download.


Your name is Feather. You are a test subject of Team Darklight – an evil organization that always uses people and things for their bad experiments. You were born by mixing the DNA of humans and Pokemon together. One day, there was a sudden accident in the laboratory of Team Darklight and you escaped. But you cannot remember who you are, you cannot remember anything around. People call you their friend, but are they true? How will you get back your memories? All the answers are lying ahead.

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  • Three final endings: every choice you make is important, since it is related to the end. You can not get anything wrong by ending two different endings, you can take a Pokémon from other legends.
  • Difficult mode: After one of those finals will receive a password. Use this button to unlock the final chapter from the beginning. The difficult mode will be carefully trained Pokémon team again.
  • Double wild battle: At the same time, you can find wild Pokémon 2.
  • QTE: Unique and test systems. It depends on the votes, they do not like it does not appear in the final vision.
  • Advanced individual values: You can check the details of all Pokemon IV on the smart screen.
  • Factions and reputation: you can choose a good person or a bad person in the hack. When you complete a police mission is one of them, or even to be propaganda. Or if you want the illegal sale, theft, bad. Raiders greet you. The activities that affect reputation remain design.
  • Drop Object: Defeat Wild Pokémon that can get the item. Sometimes these products are destined for allocation.
  • Mega Evolution: The test is still the same as XY.
  • 493 Pokemon: We have a 493 MB Pokemon and all. All major Pokemon like all legendary Pokémon.
  • Character conversion: This trick solves the name of the character and the player can switch between the two characters, using the element. Other characters are different, but the world is similar, but not similar. Players can solve some of the problems through the barrier, or complete the mission by two characters with a switch.
  • Stocks: make money in an elegant way.
  • Time: 30 times faster than real time in the game world, strawberry grows faster. In addition, the date of the written part of the mission or Pokemon will appear only during certain hours.
  • Barry makes the ball: The only way to get the ball, the ball is not selling, you do. It is not difficult to pick the fruit. This is because from the times faster than the source version.
  • The open sea: We do not want to see that there is a difference between “land” and “water” just to clarify the road and offers a large number of bodies of water.
  • Change clothing: character, you can replace the cloth on a particular mission.
  • Stairs up / down: Characters will move the x-axis and y-axis, at the same time up and down the ladder.
  • Other mini games.
  • New articles and new TM.
  • Added DP and TM item.
  • BW addiction system.
  • Means that Pokemon died toxic survival than 1HP.
  • Trip Lock: The soul can be triggered by a rock.
  • Fairy Type was added.
  • Inverse Battle: Changes related to the character system. If a player controls the “girl” is the whole battle and vice versa.
  • Go to the new source.
  • New original Pokémon.
  • Totem Pokémon: capture, do not escape. This is the real boss fight (and the enemy is stronger than normal).
  • Craft System: To collect the goods during the trip (as a monsters hunter), make use of available items. Stores prefer to sell things instead of things.