Pokemon Itinerant

Pokemon Itinerant

Download Pokemon Itinerant RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: RegalSword
  • Version: v6.3
  • Updated: May 29, 2023

Pokemon Itinerant (now Pokemon Intern Ant) is an RPGXP FanGame by RegalSword made using Pokemon Essentials.

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Development of Pokemon Itinerant has ceased. In its place, the author will be working on a game called Pokemon Intern Ant. They’re working on the game at the moment and the download links have been removed in the meantime. If you’re looking for new info/updates in regard to the game’s development or have any questions regarding the game, join their official discord server.


You are the lucky winner of a pair of tickets for a luxury liner! Or not. Certain events happen, and you find yourself stranded in the Asteria region. Work together with your friend Barley to get back home!


  • Heal your party from the menu!
  • Starters come with False Swipe!
  • Move reminder from the menu!
  • E4 and Champion were replaced with a tournament!
  • HM Items called “Memories”!
  • Competitive items are available before 2nd gym!
  • Fully functional post-game battle facility with three bosses!
  • Pokemon from Generations 1 to 9!
  • Megas!
  • Portraits!
  • Mid-battle dialogue!
  • Gym Leader rematches!
  • Custom regional variants!
  • Fakemon!
  • Sound type!
  • Sidequests!
  • Speed up button!
  • Overworld encounters!
  • Quicksave!
  • Every shiny is unique!


v6 will not support older saves. However, this will be the last major update (excluding possible DLC) so you’ll never have to restart again (if things go well).
How to play the game:

  • On mobile? Use JoiPlay 1.20.015 and RPG Maker Plugin 1.20.19.
  • On PC? This game does not require an emulator. It is an RMXP game, not a ROM hack. This game has nothing to do with the GBA.

(This is where I would talk about the Debug Man… if I had one.)

Pokemon Itinerant now has a feedback form! I would appreciate it if you could take the time to fill it out: https://forms.gle/qa4WryzJsixPNZnP6

Read this before installing

Don’t forget to read the text below before installing!
Contains content up to Gym 1.
Some additional information about how versions are formatted…
Version number is written as x.y where:
A change in the variable “x” = new content
A change in the variable “y” = bug fixes

Changelog v6.2

  • Fixed event error in Verest Complex.
  • Adjusted trainer levels
  • Changed the positioning of an event in Verest Gate.
  • Added Barley’s 2° battle
  • The funky gold stars indicating where the current version ends are back
  • Fixed the level trainer
  • Adjusted the metrics of several back sprites
  • Fixed tile issue in Verest Woods (East)
  • Fixed grammatical error in Surf prompt.