Pokemon Eccentric Emerald

Pokemon Eccentric Emerald

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Eccentric Emerald GBA Rom

  • Creator: Cruztown
  • Version: Beta v1.41
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Eccentric Emerald is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Emerald.

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From the title to gameplay, from the number of Pokemon to anything else… we can hope to have a qualifying game for entertaining and time-consuming.


This game is not too different from its origin: Pokemon Emerald. Although it has the same story, the same characters (Team Magma, Team Aqua)… it is still a worth-playing hack. We can see why by looking at these main features:

  • You can catch 386 Pokemon from Gen I – Gen II – Gen III. Currently it is lacking Gen I Fossils, Unown and the Legendaries from Gen I – Gen II.
  • Some new ways to evolute your Pokemon, include new items.
  • Many different ability combinations.
  • Physical/Special Split.
  • The moves, abilities and movesets are improved.
  • The Trainer rosters are improved also. Let’s notice that Team Magma and Team Aqua use many kind of different Pokemon, not just Zubat and Poochyena as usual.
  • You can go to Safari Zone before entering the Elite Four Championship.
  • Some special cameos from Nuzlocke Community
  • Tyranitar properly having a second ability.
  • You can have required event tickets to get Mew – Ho-Oh – Lugia – Latias – Deoxys.
  • The second ability of Sableye is changed.
  • The Regi Room issue is fixed.