Pokemon Altair Minus

Pokemon Altair Minus

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Altair Minus GBA Rom

  • Creator: kisekisifr
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: February 25, 2021

Pokemon Altair Minus and Sirius are the first entries in a series followed by Pokemon Vega and later Pokemon Procyon and Deneb and are often seen as the prequels even though they technically came first. Pokemon Altair/Sirius “Minus” is meant that to be a difficulty patch that balances the game to be “easier” and more in line with the difficulty from the main series games. Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Altair & Sirius.


  • XENOTIME will be sticking with the standard Grass, Fire and Water starters, but, you’ll actually be able to catch the ones you didn’t pick at some point into the game.
  • The game doesn’t base on Pokemon Yellow 100% about the storyline. It will be extended.
  • Capture Pokemon will give you EXP, level up faster.
  • You can use Gen IV and Gen V moves with some customized moves.
  • Secret passages to other routes