Pokemon Red Fire Version

Pokemon Red Fire Version

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Red Fire GBA Rom

  • Creator: SmithJack
  • Version: June 2021 Release
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: June 17, 2021


Pokemon Red Fire Version was inspired by Emerald Kaizo, specifically nuzlocke runs of Emerald Kaizo. It’s intended to be difficult to nuzlocke, balanced, and linear while retaining the general feel and structure of the original game.


  • Modified region that eliminates branching paths in order to achieve linearity
  • 300 trainers in total, 299 of which are mandatory
  • Wild Pokemon placement and encounter rates have been changed significantly
  • Pokemon have revamped learnsets that greatly improve their viability and effectiveness
  • EVs have been removed
  • Each Pokemon species has 1 ability
  • Some evolutions have been adjusted for increased accessibility of Pokemon
  • Healing items have been disabled in battle
  • Rare Candy is available in Viridian for $1 to cover leveling without grinding
  • 15 Big Mushrooms are scattered throughout the region for the Move Reminder

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