Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen +

Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen Plus

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Plus GBA Rom

  • Creator: Deokishisu
  • Version:  v1.4.2
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: May 2, 2022

Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen Plus is an Improvement-type hack of Pokemon Fire Red by Deokishisu in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on May 2, 2022.

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The intention of this hack is to be the definitive FireRed and LeafGreen experience, adding in many quality-of-life and gameplay conveniences to make the game more bearable to play in 2021 while attempting to make the postgame better.


  • Includes both FireRed and LeafGreen in their entirety, played with one savefile
  • Easy and Challenge Modes toggles
  • A built-in Nuzlocke ruleset
  • Faraway and Southern Islands ported from Emerald
  • Alongside all Kanto Pokemon, 90% of Johto Pokémon and 5 Hoenn Pokemon are obtainable for a total of 246 Pokemon available without trading
  • Master Trainers for the 151 Kanto Pokemon similar to the Let’s Go games with earnable titles for defeating them
  • Unlockable Gym Leader rematches
  • The R/S Battle Tower has been ported
  • Running indoors
  • EV-reducing berries
  • Infinite tutor reuses
  • Trade evolutions can also be evolved with a Key Item
  • All Deoxys formes included
  • Trading with the other Gen 3 games supported the moment the Pokedex is obtained

Note: For the full list of features and changes to the game visit their GitHub

Changelog v1.4.2

This release fixes a crash, several bugs, and tile errors, and improves some overworld sprites.

  • The Juggler, Young Couple, Rocker, and Lady classes have received new overworld sprites. The Cable Club receptionist has had her walking sprite tweaked.
  • Challenge Mode Misty’s rematch no longer sets the Safari Zone flag when beaten.
  • Icefall Cave should no longer allow the player to overshoot a cracking ice tile and fall in such a way that they will be trapped.
  • Icefall Cave’s cracked ice tiles should no longer spawn wild Pokemon, fixing a vanilla bug where if a wild Pokémon was encountered, the ice would not crack.
  • Fixed Icefall Cave vanilla tile errors.
  • Fixed potential crashes in the party menu when swapping Pokémon with the select button.
  • Swapping Pokémon with the select button now only works when the player has at least two Pokémon.
  • One and Three Island’s tall grass now animate correctly.
  • Deoxys is now affected by the IV Calculation and EV Calculation keys.
  • Deoxys formes now show correctly in the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame entries from before this release will show Normal Forme Deoxys in all cases.
  • Eggs now obey the Nuzlocke rules. When hatched, an egg will set the encounter flag of the place it was originally obtained in (e.g. Four Island if it was obtained from the Day Care). If the encounter flag is already set for that location, the Pokémon will hatch fainted. This does not apply to eggs that were traded in from another game.
  • The Teachy TV now uses the correct text color.



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