Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Download Patched Pokemon Advanced Adventure GBA Rom

  • Creator: dbzmay
  • Version: 2018 Final Release
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: October 29, 2018

In Pokemon Advanced Adventure, you are the child of the town’s poorest family. You have no friends and are constantly bullied because of your financial situation. Despite the fact that you are poor and have no chance of ever becoming a Pokemon trainer, you still fantasize about it.

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You wake up one morning to find that the Pokemon professor has come to see you. Apparently, his grandson has abruptly changed his life course and taken over the Pokemon Headquarters. You’ve been ordered to stop him and his eight subordinates across the region. You must defeat the unjust ruler’s eight subordinates, the eight genetically modified tyrant pokemon roaming the towns, and infiltrate the Pokemon Headquarters.


  • New Region
  • All Pokemon are catchable
  • Gen 5 Pokemon
  • No trade evolutions
  • Post-game storyline
  • All TM’s Obtainable
  • New Pokemon sprites
  • New tiles




dbzmay, Frostbite, thethethe, metapod23, Samm, Thrace, Wesley FG, Serg!o, kirbyxox, TCoppy, sigeru, Grinn, Crimson Stardust, Neti, Anselection, hacksrepairman, Amy May 

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