Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour on April 20: Everything You Need to Know

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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is just around the corner, Here’s everything you need to know!

On April 20 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time, Grimer will appear in the wild more frequently than usual, and you will receive twice as much Stardust when catching Pokemon. This Stardust bonus applies to all Pokemon captured during this one-hour event, not just Grimer.

Grimer is a Poison-type Pokemon from the Pokemon universe’s first generation. Grimer can be evolved into Muk in Pokemon Go by using 50 Grimer Candy.

Grimer has the ability to be Shiny in Pokemon Go. Shiny Grimer is green, not purple.

Remember that you can activate a Star Piece to earn 50% more Stardust for 30 minutes during this week’s Spotlight Hour event. This bonus stacks with the Spotlight Hour bonus, allowing you to earn a tonne of Stardust during this event. Also, remember that for a limited time, you can use an Incense to attract wild Pokemon to your location. This means you’ll have more Pokemon to catch, and thus more chances to earn bonus Stardust!

Following this week’s Spotlight Hour, there is one more of these events planned for April. On April 27, Finneon will appear more frequently than usual, and you will receive twice as many experience points when catching Pokemon as usual.

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