Everything you need to know about Leaf Storm in Pokemon Go

leaf storm

Niantic has been constantly updating Pokemon GO with new events, field research tasks, Pokemon, and various raid battles in order to keep this game interesting for its players. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Leaf Storm’s complete stat details in Pokemon Go, as well as a list of Pokemon that have the Leaf Storm move. Below is everything you need to know about leaf storm in Pokemon Go

Leaf Storm’s complete stat breakdown in Pokemon Go.

In this section, we will go over all of the stat information for Leaf Storm in Pokemon Go. Read it carefully and make a list of the points you want to remember. These stats will tell you whether you need to train your Pokemon with the new Leaf Storm Grass move. Leaf Storm is a Charged Attack in Pokémon GO that became available to players on April 12, 2021. Leaf Storm is a Grass-type Main move in Pokémon GO that does 130 damage and consumes 100 energy. It is effective against Ground, Rock, and Water Pokémon while being ineffective against Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Dragon Pokémon. In the following sections, we will look at Leaf Storm’s base stats, a list of Pokemon that have this new Grass move, and more details.

Leaf Storm’s Base Stats

  • Move duration, 2500 MS.
  • Damage window, 1100/1250 MS.
  • Energy, 100.
  • Damage type, Grass.
  • Strong against. Ground, Rock, and Water.
  • Weak against. Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Dragon.

General Stats

  • Leaf Storm deals damage and lowers the user’s Special Attack by two stages.
  • Leaf Storm’s power changed from 140 to 130 in generation VI.
  • A storm of sharp leaves is whipped up. The attack’s recoil sharply reduces the user’s Sp.
  • The user creates a leaf storm around the target. The recoil of the attack severely reduces the user’s Sp.
  • Damages the target from a distance, but it also reduces the user’s Special Attack by two levels.
  • It damages even distant Pokémon, but it also significantly reduces your Special Attack. (When you go to the next floor or step on a specific location, the stat change returns to normal.)
  • Prior to Generation VI, the only Grass-type Cute move was Leaf Storm.
  • In Pokémon Black and White, School Kid Ann has a Sandy Cloak Wormadam that knows Leaf Storm, despite the fact that it is a move that Sandy Cloak Wormadam cannot learn in any way; it is instead learned by Plant Cloak Wormadam.