Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Serene Crystal GBC. It introduces new gym leaders, incorporates Pokémon from newer generations, and original regional forms.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Wings of Chaos GBA. Thousands of years ago, a great catastrophe descended upon our Isles. During an intense downpour, Mount...

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon ShortScyther & Pokemon MioPidgey GBA. Eliminates100% accuracy moves from the player's Pokémon while leaving them for opponents.

Download Pokemon Hollow Woods RPGXP FanGame. Welcome to Oblar, a Pokémon region split between two factions. Your mother, the leader of the Lavender Faction...

Download Pokemon Crystal Legacy GBC. It is an enhancement hack that aims to improve Gen 2’s most underdeveloped areas, while holding on to what made it unique.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Dark Rising 2 GBA. You are the son/daughter of Jean Blake, a renowned individual who supposedly imprisoned Darugis many years ago.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Elaf Gold GBA. It is a Survival type ROM Hack, perfect for Nuzlocke Challenges. Heavily based on Pokemon Gold and Liquid Crystal.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon National History Museum GBA. You're stuck in the National History Museum's 3rd floor and need to make your way out of the building.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Kanto Complete GBA. This is the result of a side-project to remake and expand FireRed to make it possible to complete the Pokédex

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Titanic 2 GBA. It is an exploration mini hack with the theme "isolation" created by u/RomHacking101 for Anthroyd's MAGM competition