Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Black 2 Kaizo NDS ROM. It is an all-double battle difficulty hack of Black 2. It has many features, both for Difficulty and QoL.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Legacy Edition NDS ROM Hack. It aims to add Hoenn & the Sevii Islands to a rebalanced HGSS with a new story & new areas to explore

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Elite Black & Elite White NDS ROM. The best and most annoying Pokemon sets, Pokemon teams, and battle strategies have all been...

Pokemon Primeval Black 2 is an increased difficulty hack of Pokemon Black 2. Inspired by the mechanics of Pokemon Vintage White, Primeval Black 2 pits you...

Download Pre-Patched Touhoumon Heart Gold NDS ROM. It has Overhauled Sprites & Puppets, New Typings, New Moves, Many QoL Improvements, Battle Frontier & More!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum NDS ROM. The same awesome Renegade Platinum but with the addition of Following Pokemon!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Following Platinum NDS ROM. It brings the beloved Walking Pokémon feature from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver to Sinnoh

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Platinum Redux NDS ROM. It is a difficulty rom hack of Platinum that aims to provide a more challenging Platinum experience.

Download Pokemon Conquest Twin Dragons NDS ROM. It’s a quality of life rom hack with rebalanced pokemon, increased difficulty, new moves, new bgs, and more.

Download Pokemon Soothing Silver NDS ROM. It is an improvement-type hack with Galarian/Alolan forms, many quality of life changes and increased difficulty.