Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas

Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Joexv
  • Version: Beta 3
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???
  • Language: English

Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas is a GBA ROM Hack by Joexv based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download.


One fateful Christmas night, a Wooper was getting ready for Santa’s arrival. As Santa was leaving his trustworthy Delibrid was kidnapped by a man dressed all in black! Now its up to you to save him! Play as the legendary Wooper who saved Christmas during the times of the Pokemon War!

Setting: Kanto Years before Ash set out on his journey.


  • This is a nuzlocke hack! This hack is super difficult about halfway through and features many nuzlocke rules that originally ran off an honor system.
  • Portable healing stations. Yes, thats right. But these are spendy and only work once!
  • Very few trainers. So that means a short money supply and no annoying trainer battles.
  • Increased wild Pokemon encounters.
  • A high-level Pokemon on each map. So be careful, not everyone is quite as nice as you.
  • A rare weak-level Pokemon on each map.
  • A naughty/nice system that is based on choices. (they are listed before you make the choice)
  • 2 endings. Now you may have seen this with my previous mini hack, but this time these endings are 1000000% better, and no need to run off and find 5 hidden items.
  • Your Pokemon are deleted after they faint! Yay! Death!
  • Lots of hidden items and money to make up for the lack of trainers




  • Blazikenxy Beta testing
  • Trenjoh Beta Testing
  • TheRalOCD Beta Testing
  • Fbi Agent For his asm thread and the custom mod of his asm for me.
  • WeselyFG Tiles
  • Me Everything else
  • Everyone whos tools I used

Tools used:

  • A-map 1.95
  • A-text
  • XSE
  • NSE
  • Infranview
  • Ape
  • Character Maker pro
  • Lips
  • Complete Item Editor
  • Jpans hacked engine
  • Hex helper