Pokemon Empyrean Changelog

Pokemon Empyrean Changelog

If you’re looking for Pokemon Empyrean Changelog, we’ve got you covered!

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New in v1.1 (Sep 24, 2021)

  • New (post-game) region, Deshret! (6-10h of content)
    • Accessed via Ruins of Isfet -> Sand Harbor (check your Post Game Card)
    • Finishes the main game story (and other hanging plot threads)
    • Choices matter! (make a copy of your savefile before you begin this journey if you wish to replay it)
    • If you don’t have a savefile, download the 1.1 release with the premade savefile included
  • Jolyne clothes and haircut are available in Sylen City
  • Card collection language bugfix

New in v1.0.2 (Dec 27, 2020)

  • New post-game Holiday town, accessible from Krystolny (boat)
  • Time-traveling animation now shows only the first time

New in v1.0.1 (Sep 20, 2020)

  • New Meta:
    • Cards and GP no longer give HP boost. This is done in order to make battles less stally
    • Total EV count is still 1512, but individual stat max is now 512
  • French translation v0.1 (Language option is on the title screen! Almost all dialogues are translated, but it’s still an early version and a work in progress!)
  • EV berries in Safari Shop
  • New locations: Sand Harbor (Deshret) and Lake Empyrean (Future)
  • Different egg sprites for shiny/plat/female
  • Cards auto-upgrade when Pokemon evolves holding one
  • Bag search
  • Nullifier Callouts
  • Smeargles quest is optional now
  • Ability Capsule (Dooriver Lab)
  • Removed ingame Nuzlocke mode
  • Multitude of bugfixes

New in v1.0 (Feb 7, 2020)

  • Postgame Card (obtainable in your house on Roarin Island)
  • A few more quests to do in the postgame (check your Postgame Card),
  • including the developer fight
  • Mod support (You can drop any .rb scripts inside the new Mods/ folder now)

New in v1.0.beta

  • Pokemon League
  • Post-game Last General Battle
  • and secrets

New in v0.9.5c

  • Eradicated a bunch of bugs
  • Rock Tomb TM (Block Cave)
  • Duplicate card buyer NPC (Card Shop)
  • Removed rent limits

New in v0.9.5b

  • Boss crash fix
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Mega Decidueye Shadow Aura ability
  • Shawmonk Lake revamp

New in v0.9.5

  • Victory Road and a new legendary
  • * Revamps of old areas:
    • Shawmonk, Dooriver, Route 102, Route 103 (now Shian Swamp)
    • Smaller changes to Route 101
  • Updated battle UI (GP and cards are visible now)
  • Added NPC after 3rd gym that gives a card to your Starter
  • Energy Stones – interactable objects placed around the world that give temporary stats boost to a certain Pokemon type
  • New custom shinies

New in v0.9.4

  • Offline trading (trader is in Mesmer Town Poke Center)
  • WT health is now 4000 on easy mode
  • Card Ball card drop chance increase
  • Single stage Pokemon can get GP through breeding
  • Updated fusion-capable Pokemon movesets
  • Pokemon have genes now that affect the chance of increasing GP, the more similar the two Pokemon are, the lower the chance of increasing GP. You can check how similar two Pokemon are by talking to the scientist NPC near the Day Care.

New in v0.9.3

  • Prism Tower (alt future)
  • Sylen City outdoor redesign
  • Charizardite Y added on Route 106
  • Massive shiny sprites update + missing platinums
  • GP Fusion for Genderless Pokemon (Dooriver Lab)
  • Amaura line added (Mt. Mesmer)
  • New move tutors in Dooriver Outskirts, Route 105, Sylen City, Factorial Town
  • Card Ball buyable in Card Shop
  • Certain Fairy-type and Light-type Pokemon have a new revival move
  • A bunch of minor bugfixes

New in v0.9.2

  • New Future Areas (accessible from Mt. Dynamo)
  • 3 new fusions (Dragonite, Aegislash, Furret) + Fusion Ultimate Moves
  • Platinum Shinies (rarer shinies) + Platinum Cards
  • Generation Power (GP) + Guidebook about it in Shawmonk
  • Card Shop in Asutra City
  • Auctions in Sylen City underground
  • Move Tutors in (Shawmonk Forest, Mesmer Town, Naraku Forest, Roarin Plateau, Future)
  • New Gen 6 Pokemon encounters (Goomy, Honedge, Skrelp, Inkay)
  • Ducklett sidequest on Route 104 (+ it’s rainy there now if you want to evolve Sliggoo)
  • New Game Modes when starting a new game (Randomizer and/or Nuzlocke)
  • Menacing Jacket (Asutra Shop)
  • Hold/Toggle option for Alt speedup key
  • Catch chaining (the more you catch a certain Pokemon, the more it’ll appear)
  • 5 slots to register key items (numbers 1-5)
  • * Mass release from PC
  • * Card Drops tweaked – only defeating or catching a mon works now

New in v0.9.1

  • Fixed Citadel Prison game freeze
  • Fixed various major bugs
  • Data Upgrade now works on Eevee
  • Fixed New Game+ Cookies

New in v0.9

  • Year 3030 maps and events:
    • Deshret, Asutra City, Astarr Town, Neo Sylen City
  • Character Customization
  • Difficulty Modes
  • Boat Upgrade (Waterfall climbing)
  • Fast Travel added to early towns
  • Collectible stat-enhancing cards (obtainable as 1% chance drops)
  • Battler Type Info is shown in battle upon seeing a Pokemon for the first time
  • Dual move types (e.g. Earth Power is now Fire/Ground)
  • Bunch of new Data-type fakemon and future variants (Reuniclus line, Aipom/Ambipom, Electivire, Mech Rockruff/Lycanroc, Mech Luxray, Data-type Eeveelution) and Electric/Fighting Omuran Machop (available as first Shadyman trade)
  • Explosion (Bakuhatsu) Doll — buyable doll Pokemon that only knows Explosion and is one-time use only
  • Sorting bag items (Press TAB to sort) + Autosort option in the settings
  • New Menu
  • In-Game Cheats
  • New Pelistorm move
  • Destroyed Redrock Cave and put a new map (Flowery Park) there
  • Item additions:
    • Move nullifiers
    • Colorless Stone — substitute for any of the elemental stones
    • Multi-resistance Shields (e.g. Nature Shield — decreases damage from Ground, Grass and Bug-type moves)

New in v0.8.4

  • Crafting System (accessible from PokeGear menu)
  • Fortune Cookie sold at Naraku Village
  • Held evolution items sold in Sylen City Research Lab B6 near elevator
  • Gold Paws ability for Golden Mudkip
  • Superspace hidden ability for Porygon-Z
  • Various bugfixes and tweaks

New in v0.8.3

  • Addition of Fortresses in:
    • Shawmonk, Mesmer, and Route 110
  • The Fortresses act like gyms in Pokemon Go. If someone already claimed a Fortress, you’ll have to fight their team in order to claim it for yourself.
  • Major lag issues fix
  • Rival battle game crash fix

New in v0.8.2 (Valentine Update)

  • 5 DATES available after clearing Space Station:
    • Ashy date ~ in the Sukuyomi Mansion
    • Moira date ~ in her house in Asutra City
    • Blitz date ~ Sygnal Headquarters
    • Aeris date ~ in her Gym
    • Old Man date ~ Factory 01 storage
  • New Game+
  • Golden Mudkip
  • Porygon line upgraded to Data-type (with 4 new moves!)
  • Razor Fang added as an uncommon held item on wild Sneasels
  • Amulet Coin added as an uncommon item on wild Meowths
  • Groomer NPC in Shawmonk Day Care
  • Gengarite in Naraku Village, near the Tower
  • Salamencite near Roarin Island gym
  • Garchompite on Route B000, near barricades
  • TM Stone Edge in the Zirconium Factory
  • Speed Candy is buyable in the Candy Shop

New in v0.8.1

  • Yara Factory softlock fixed
  • Deshret Bird encounters softlock fixed
  • EXP Turbo and Ether now minable
  • Incinerorar mega ability changed to Moxie
  • OM_Honchkrow HA changed to Rock Head, moveset tweaked
  • Added shiny sprites for:
    • Phantump, Fennekin, and Froakie lines

New in v0.8

  • * Krystolny Town (+ Mining)
  • * Route 109 (longest sea route in existence), Islet of Horus and Trainer Tower
  • * Route 110, Roarin Island and 8th gym
  • * Space Station
  • * Deshret Region North (Route B00X, Mt. Dynamo)
  • Tweaks:
  • Mimikyu now reverts back to normal after battle

New in v0.7.2

  • Agent Cinnamond Sidequest finished
  • Lucarionite added in Delta Overpass
  • Have Electric Pokemon be immune to Paralysis
  • Hex accuracy fixed
  • Alolan Exeggutor palmtrees
  • Cryogonal is encounterable on Mt. Mesmer now

New in v0.7.1

  • Factorial Town game freeze fix (removed the healing point before Cyborg)
  • Boat and various out-of-bound fixes
  • Garchomp can learn a few new moves through Move Relearner

New in v0.7

  • Asutra City — Sukuyomi Quest, 7th Gym
  • Deshret Region — Factorial Town
  • All previous surf areas are surfable after the 7th Gym
  • Apriplum System v0.1
  • Amplifier items that boost certain move type by 50%
  • Delta Overpass, Route 108
  • Pelistorm and ZA WARUDO
  • Updated base powers of moves to match Gen 7
  • Old moves that were described as being made of light (Flash Cannon, Power Gem, …) are now Light-type

New in v0.6.1

  • Fixed crash when picking up the mega stone on Cape Precipice
  • Better Ash-Greninja sprite

New in v0.6

  • New areas: Route 107, Skaters Den, Naraku Village (6th gym), Naraku Forest, Cycling Highway
  • Ash-Greninja and New Mega Evolutions for Infernape, Delphox, Primarina, Incineroar and Decidueye
  • New Omuran Forms for Riolu, Smeargle, Lucario, Teddiursa, Ursaring, and a new Pelipper evolution
  • Wisblind Evolution — Wiseraph
  • Soft Level Cap introduced instead of Obedience
  • Gen 1-5 Fairy Pokemon movesets fixed to have Fairy moves
  • New Elemental Shields Items
  • New EXP Turbo Item

New in v0.5.3.3

  • TM learnability fix for Gen 6 and 7 Pokemon

New in v0.5.3.2

  • Made 3rd and 4th gyms dual type (3rd gym – Fire/Dark and 4th gym – Electric/Light)
  • Added Electric/Light fakemon Voltlight
  • New Obeyance Rules
  • Light-type has new weaknesses/resistances. Now it’s:
    • Weak to: Dark, Ghost
    • Resists: Light, Fairy, Electric, Fire
    • Strong against: Dark, Ghost
    • Light, Fairy, Ice resist it
    • Steel is immune to it

New in v0.5.3.1

  • Fixed critically broken ladders on Mt. Mesmer

New in v0.5.3

  • Regional forms [Taillow, Zubat, Shinx, Komala, Mienfoo, Murkrow, Numel]
  • Added Noibat in the wild
  • Max total EVs set to 1512
  • Ice Stone evolves Alolan Vulpix
  • Added Ice Cave on Route 101
  • Added Hero’s Mask item

New in v0.5.2.5

  • Galladite added in Military Base B1
  • Magnemite to evolve into Magnezone with Metal Coat
  • Put healing spots in each Poke Center
  • Fixed PokeKata glitch
  • Wispaur line can now learn Hidden Power TM
  • Fixed Pokedex entries (only the first 151 Pokemon were visible before)

New in v0.5.2.4

  • CRITICAL bug fix — Pokemon with alternate forms (like Lycanroc) used to revert to normal form after battle
  • Fairy weaknesses/resistances fixed


  • Rockruff has Accelerock as Level 1 move now
  • Day-night affecting game mechanics (like Rockruff evolutions) now
  • Added missing starters to the grass
  • Oshawott, Tepig
  • Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie
  • Popplio, Litten
  • Dusk Mode Lycanroc
  • Teleport/Roar/Whirlwind error fixed
  • Added Charizardite X on Route 106
  • Added Move Relearner in Doorver City
  • Added sparring NPCs in Sylen and Mesmer Town that give you a lot of EXP
  • Text tweaks
  • Map place names updated
  • Fixed the Hessa event after 4th gym that could freeze the game if you click through the text too fast