Pokemon Peninsula Gladiator & Myth

Pokemon Peninsula Gladiator & Myth

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Peninsula Gladiator & Myth NDS ROM Hack

  • Creator: bruno051
  • Version: v1.5
  • Hack of: Platinum
  • Release Date: Discontinued
  • Language: English

Pokemon Peninsula Gladiator & Myth are NDS ROM Hacks by bruno051 based on Pokemon Platinum in English. The rom hack is under development and is expected to release soon.

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Pokemon Peninsula Gladiator & Myth are NDS ROM Hacks based on the story created by Mr. Buddy on Youtube. (The author has claimed to have been authorized by Mr. Buddy to make this hack)


You can explore the Antoria region with your favorite Pokémon and face new trainers with a new story!

Antoria is a region within the Buddyverse. It is based in Italy and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. The region is inspired both by the Roman civilization and the Art Renaissance.

The player characters are named Patricia (female) and Giorno (male).

Pokemon Peninsula Gladiator & Myth


  • New cities and villages in Italy!
  • Some Pokémon from everywhere … and a new generation!!!
  • Your pocket friends will follow you on your adventures for Antoria!
  • New extra events also called [DLC] that I will release over time.
  • Custom music, with the fourth generation soundfonts, based on the biggest culture of Italy.
  • Fairy Type is in the game.
  • Day/Night system.
  • R4 with DS or 3DS can run the game.
  • The game will be improved: fifth-generation sprites and OW and even the graphics of Omega Ruby and Sapphire Alpha on NDS!!!
  • New regional forms.
  • For the first time, you’re gonna challenge 3 enemy teams!


Pokemon Peninsula Gladiator & Myth

Useful Stuff




  • Trifindo: For making the AWESOME DELIGHTFUL TOOL, PDSME!
  • BluTwo: For helping me with 3D models of title screen.
  • AdAstra: For making the AWESOME DELIGHTFUL TOOL, DSPRE, Great brother!
  • DadDrakeElite4, BonusLevel. (In sequence order, respectively): Starters artwork, Legendaries artwork and protagonists artworks.
  • DrakeSycamore: For making OST for the game.
  • Soru: For making the sprites of the starters
  • ArinWolfe: For making the sprites of the Hero
  • Zender: For making the OW of the starters
  • Wolf: For making the sprites of the Heroine
  • Rushi: For helping me with scripts