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  • Creator: drawntoast
  • Version: Completed v1.1.7
  • Updated: January 12, 2022

Pokemon: Project Revival is an RPGXP Fangame by drawntoast made using Pokemon Essentials v18.1. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on January 12, 2022.

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Project Revival is the prologue to the author’s previous game, Blossom of the Soul, as well as all of their subsequent games. However, even if it is a demo, it is highly advised that you play Blossom of the Soul before this game! The plot of Project Revival is very similar to that of an even older game of mine, Tentin Redux.

A mystery Pokémon predicted a gloomy future twenty years before the events of Blossom of the Soul, which shocked the entire Caracara region. To avoid this, it sends someone to try to change the future. Nature is dying, and the consequences will be severe and long-lasting for Caracara. This story depicts a collision of current values intermingled with old concepts from the past. Will individuals have the courage to alter the path of history for the better? Or are they simply preoccupied with their own development and selfish desires?


  • More of the Caracara Region – Technically this is the second time players visit Caracara, but this game is actually a prequel, so this means it’s everyone’s first time!
  • Single Pokémon Run Mode – This mode returns with the same features as last time. Choose this mode at the beginning of the game, and you’ll only be able to choose one Pokémon, without being able to capture more or evolve your chosen Pokémon.
  • Xpertlocke Mode – A new game mode similar to a Nuzlocke, but with some added difficulty. Fainted Pokémon cannot be revived, as usual, however, Pokémon cannot be caught, and must only be obtained by gift or in-game trade. Hatching Eggs is not allowed, either. Once all your Pokémon have fainted, the run is dead.
  • Radical Mode – Another new game mode that restricts the player from using held items or items from their Bag in Gyms or the Pokémon League. The battle style is always put on “Set”, even if the option is set to “Switch”.
  • Newest Mechanics – Gen. 8 mechanics return. This includes Pokémon, move sets, updated stats, and items. Mega Evolution is also included.
  • Multiple Save Files – Multiple save files allow for more playthroughs without having to move your save file or delete your old game. The max amount of saves is 10.
  • The Move Master – The Move Master, in every Pokémon Center, can relearn moves, check Hidden Power types, change the game mode, and check friendship levels. Also, he runs the new Pokémon Nursery, which is an improved Day Care, with much quicker ways of getting Eggs.
  • Chapters and Sidequests – Project Revival has a combined total of 50 Chapters and Sidequests. Completing at least 49 of them unlocks a special final sidequest.
  • SOS Battles – SOS Battles from Generation 7 have returned. They may occur during most wild battles after getting one Gym Badge. The SOS Machine can enable or disable them once the player gets the item.
  • Poké Radar – The Poké Radar, using its Pokémon X and Y features, returns. The player can obtain it by completing a sidequest.
  • All Starters Can Be Chosen – All starters from Kanto to Galar can be chosen at the game’s beginning. However, you can only choose one! In the final game, you’ll be able to grab the rest later in the game.
  • Exp. Share – It returns still the same as in Gen. 6 and Gen. 7. It can still be turned on or off.
  • Level Cap – A brand-new hard level cap that restricts the player’s Pokémon from over-leveling by limiting the Exp. gained past the current cap. The Level Cap begins at Lv. 15, and it can be raised by getting more Gym Badges.
  • Birthsigns System – This system has been completely removed.
  • Egg Tickets and Odd Eggs – Exchange these Egg Tickets and get an Odd Egg, which has a 50% chance of hatching a Shiny Pokémon every time.
  • HM Items- Of course, HMs are not in the game, as they’ve been replaced with items like the Pickaxe and Hedge Clippers.
  • EV Resetter – There’s an NPC that can reset the EVs of any Pokémon back to zero for 5 Armorite Ore pieces.
  • Overworld Pokémon Encounters – Overworld encounters have been removed, and replaced with the random grass encounters from earlier generations.
  • Markings – Markings from Gen. 8 have been added. All Pokémon have a small chance of having a marking. They don’t change stats but can be interacted with in the “Ribbons” page of the Pokemon’s summary screen.
  • Egg Incubators – Egg Incubators have been added. Now, the player has the choice to put Eggs in the Incubator item. They’ll hatch as if they were in your party. Flame Body, Magma Armor, and Steam Engine still affect the Egg’s hatch speed.
  • Trade Evolutions – Trade Evolutions have been changed again. Now, instead of simply using the trade item, you’ll have to make the Pokémon hold the trade item, then use a Link Stone on it. For example, if you want Onix to evolve into Steelix, make it hold a Metal Coat, then use a Link Stone to evolve it. For Pokémon who simply evolve by trade, make it hold a Link Stone, then use another Link Stone on it.
  • Dropped Items – Wild Pokémon automatically drop their held item if they are defeated (rather than catching it or using Thief/Covet)
  • The Battle Beach – A much-requested feature, the Battle Beach is similar to the Battle Towers of the main series. Win RP (Rad Points), and exchange them for rad prizes!
  • Charms – The Mark Charm, Exp. Charm, Shiny Charm, and Oval Charms are all available
  • Rotom Catalog – The Rotom Catalog can be used to change Rotom’s form at any time, just like in Sword and Shield.
  • Cosplay Pikachu & Other Forms – Cosplay Pikachu, a forgotten feature in ORAS, is back in Project Revival, along with the base flavors of Alcremie.
  • Hidden Abilities – Wild Pokémon with Hidden Abilities no longer appear randomly in the wild, now Ability Patches must be used (Gen. 8 item), available for purchase at Battle Beach.
  • Phenomenon – The rustling grass, rippling water, dust clouds, and bird shadows from Gen. 5 are added. After the player defeats the Nova Gym and gets a Bedrock Badge, they’ll randomly appear. Pokémon have a higher chance of being shiny in rustling grass and are commonly found with an Egg move. They have a small chance of having two perfect IVs as well.
  • Quicksaving – Press “Q” or “A” to quickly save to the current slot you’re currently playing.
  • Turbo Mode – Press “ALT” to speed up the game. There are three different speeds that you can use. Keep pressing Alt to return to the normal game speed.


If you have any questions regarding the game, you can join the author’s official discord server.



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