Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Team Rocket Edition GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: DragonsdenTV
  • Version: 2.0 + DLC
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: December 26, 2023 (English version released on March 25, 2024)

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by DragonsdenTV based on Pokemon Emerald in English & Spanish. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on December 26, 2023.

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You begin the journey as another recruit in the general headquarters of Isla Inta, in seven islands, with the purpose of gradually advancing in the organization. To do so, you must successfully complete the assignments assigned to you by your superiors. Your tale takes place in the same chronology as the beginning of Red and Blue’s adventure, and because you’ll be transferred to Kanto at some point, you’ll be able to see Red/story Blue’s from the perspective of a team member.

Team Rocket, and others, see everything that was behind it (here, of course, we go into the issue of speculations), attempting to make everything that happens canonical inside the original games, while certain surprises fall. As a result, the idea behind this hack is that you, as a random rocket recruit, can do everything in your power to reverse the classic situation in which team rocket and Giovanni are destroyed by red, partly doing justice by giving him to a villain of our ability as a player, so there will be a clash between this and the canonical story (which will be maintained in this hack).

All of this is, despite the high proportion, a part of our experience, because we will also witness some of the most important projects that the team rocket had on the way, with a substantial portion of the game dedicated to uncovering various mysteries that many of us could suspect but were never confirmed.


  • Existence Of Generation VI Items.
  • New Move sets From 4th Gen – 7th Gen.
  • Player Can (Run Indoors) System Added.
  • Added 90 Pokemon’s Between Gen 4 –  Gen 7.
  • Forgettable HM’s & Use Infinite TM’s Every time.
  • Ability To EV Train Your Pokemon In Certain Point.
  • Added Physical/Special Division System Like 4th Gen.
  • Pokemon Switch System (YES/NO) Has Been Removed.
  • Pokemon Can Evolve Without Link Cable By Leveling Up.
  • Basic Pokemon Stats Have Been Improved In The Game.
  • New Evolution & Primal Forms According To 7th Generation.



  • Added Hoenn Update! (Progress: 20%)


  • Added Johto Update!
  • Added Mega Evolution System!
  • The Main Game Story Gets More Darker!
  • New Unique Mega Evolutions, Fakemons & Primal Forms!
  • The Game Exceeds More Than 70 Hours Now!
  • You Can’t Use Heal Items During Battles!
  • New 20-30 Maps In Kanto, Sevii & Some In Johto Too!
  • More Than 800 Trainers Will Battle You Now!
  • Chance Capture Kanto-Johto Pokemons Except Legendary!
  • New Graphical Changes Were Given In The Game!
  • Unlock Pokemon Mutation At Rocket Headquarters!
  • Explore Unown Guardians Caves & Dark Mysteries!
  • Challenge Legendary’s From 1-8 Generations!
  • New Sprites For Fakemon & MissingNO were added!
  • And Much More!


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