Pokemon Blue Chrome

Pokemon Blue Chrome

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Blue Chrome RPGXP Fangame

  • Creator: Luka S.J.
  • Version: Demo
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Blue Chrome is a Pokemon RPGXP Fangame by Luka S.J. based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And It is now available to download.


Pokemon Blue Chrome displays the sizes of all existing Pokémon as well as over 200 Overkill Sinnoh. The majority of dexs can be tied to strings. Consider how difficult it is to find yourself wanting to grab an EV or knock it down after pushing the first 700km in the first 25 tracks (and generosity). Calculate the average number of pkmn per path. In addition to the Pokedex, which contains 712 Pokemon, Blue Chrome does not claim to be Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Don Mayerotlis, despite the fact that there are 512 pkmn existing Pokemon. Do not attempt it. And I’m tired of explaining why, but let me say one thing briefly. In many ways, you can’t tell a good story in a game. There is no driving force, and the game repeats itself at breakneck speed. Especially if I have previously seen tileset is the integration of the entire combat system with a fully configured Pokedex can configure the battle animations, and three modes: Area (Kanto), International (Kanto 3 from Johto and Hoenn Selection), and National (All Pokedex).

Pokemon Blue Chrome tells the story of the entire stage in the current Pokemon game, with some changes in all areas… As a result, it adheres to the standard formula. The game begins in Kanto, and you have four spaces to choose from (Gary, Blue, Gold, May). Based on the original game, the player must solve the mystery (Crystal, Fire Red, Emerald, and Platinum). This mystery, for example, aids the player in moving to new territories. I don’t understand it. It was in that players had to pass the order to advance the various characters in various regions of the story and provides an introduction to the next zone. To complete some plots, you must travel to another region. Please give an example. It is about the world’s greatest players having to read and interpret all of the information so that we can progress through the game. The above information must be provided by the developer. Blue is a Pokemon. Chrome employs unique graphics for the Menu, Pokedex, Bag, PC, and 200 new Pokemon. Other graphics, such as Tileset, are available in Pokemon Fire Red Bleh’s Tileset. The music from several Pokemon games is available on the sound system. This is a simple method… vgmusic.com is not a good way to make a good impression. You should not recycle or attempt to connect anything that involves something. The DPPt game’s corner is appropriate. This is due to the fact that it is a part of the game. If you used the Sphere Filler theme on my title screen, it is not game-friendly. (This is not true if my game does not revolve around sphere fillers.) Custom music for Pokemon and the new region is included.


  • Using Pokemon in the bag menu or giving items is (visually) incomplete.
  • The scene of evolution is not really perfect, but what
  • If you catch Pokemon, the battle system will explode for any reason, but will not damage the game.
  • Assignments / Events There may or may not be problems.
  • There may be some problems with PokeCOM that you forgot to mention here.
  • BGM will reset when you leave your cousin’s house after the balcony event.
  • The battle system is a little further back when the Pokemon GIF is initialized (blames RMXP)
  • The “action” button becomes very strange.
  • Toggle displays moving event sprites.
  • Application delay due to insufficient coding in my application
  • Motion animation is garbage and incomplete.
  • Recycle data from the trash: Unused files in the game, occupy space in an unobjectionable way (you can not check all of them)
  • Oh, you can learn new things by deleting old ones. I do not know.
  • Treecko evolves in lv6.




Luka S.J.