Pokemon Sage

Pokemon Sage

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  • Creator: /vp/
  • Version: Demo 2.0.6
  • Updated: 2017

Pokemon Sage is an awesome Pokemon game on PC for Windows. Let’s go to the Urobos Region, a far far away region to somewhere side of this Earth. How to do that? By playing Pokemon Sage, of course!

Pokemon Sage lives in the fictional world of Urobos. Urobos, like many other locations in the official Pokemon books, is based on real-life events in the region: Central and South America. I discovered the battle between good and evil based on the inhabitants of this location in history as the Aztec empire and the Spanish conquistadores. Despite their pleasant warmth, the city where the player will begin uhi’ia. Sofia’s dew player Simon behaviour to study the enemy, and the enemy fell more bitter London is beginning a friendship enemy. Northington was obsessed with Quetzar’s incredible power of Naam, which translated into progress for Aboriginal people in the past. Learn to start looking for him and waking him up at any cost – but it is the arrogance and mana’o’lunu of people like you who quetzar to seal and the legendary City of Gold in the first place. He later received Quetzar and managed the way to him, but it was the wrath of the people, not his gift, that caused him to release his rage.


  • New big region called Urobos with many unexpected things.
  • New Fakemon available for more complex strategies.
  • New rivals and gyms to battle.
  • And much more.