Pokemon Black Dark

Pokemon Black Dark

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Black Dark GBA Rom

  • Creator: Jota
  • Version: Beta 4
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: January 24, 2018

Pokemon Black Dark is a Spanish GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red.

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Long long ago, there was a great region called Baradar. It was divided into two different territories. Each of them was ruled by a clan: Clan Dark which only wanted the power and wealth – Clan Light which only wanted a peaceful life to live. They continuously fell into many confrontations and fights. For more than 300 years, there was no peace between these two clans.

There was a combination of seven people who lived in the Bastida Tower of Clan Light, they were called the Seven Sages. These people invoked the God Pokemon Rayquaza and used its power to seal the Clan Dark’s God Pokemon – Mewtwo. After sealing Mewtwo, Rayquaza has divided the seven powers of the elements within seven medals. When the war was over, the soul of Mewtwo has been locked in a statue at the top of Bastida Tower. The descendants of the seven sages have been protecting all the medals, and so were delivered to the later generations.

At this point, peace seems to be restored again, but not at all.

Right now, the Clan Dark is called Black Team and its boss wants to get his revenge because his father was the last leader of Clan Dark. Before his birth, there was a prophecy: “The descendant of the former chief, restore the Clan Dark and over time, their offspring will get 7 medals, and rise to Mewtwo.” Eh, will Mewtwo be revived again?

And Isaac’s son is the last descendant of Clan Light. Well, none other than you. Can you defeat the seven guardians, get the seven medals before the leader of the Black Team get it and revive the terrifying Mewtwo?


  • New scripts in gameplay.
  • Many different battle themes in some special fighting.
  • When you wear the uniform of your team or your cop, there will be a subtitution sprite T-Card.
  • The stats, movements, sprites level of some Pokemon in Black/White style have been edited.
  • The difficulty is increased higher.
  • New rivals and opponents to fight.