Pokemon Water Blue

Pokemon Water Blue

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Water Blue Version GBA Rom

  • Creator: caminopreacher
  • Version: 1.25
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: November 9, 2023

Pokemon Water Blue is a GBA ROM Hack by caminopreacher based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on November 9, 2023

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You take control of Blue and follow in Red’s footsteps. Many encounters are different than you remember them.


  • Blue Protagonist Sprites
  • All Kanto Pokémon are catchable (including impossible evolutions)
  • Changed title screen
  • Various adjustments
  • New meeting places
  • Added bike shop battle
  • Bicycle deleted in Palette Town
  • Lapras is no longer given by the Silph Co NPC.
  • Added Lapras to the Silph Co team.
  • Mew and Deoxys now obey. (Fated encounters corrected).
  • Several. Updated dialog.
  • Several. Pokémon encounters have changed.
  • Level 50 Raticate Trainer removed.
  • Removed gender-specific comments (for rival variations hacks).
  • TM Salesman in Six Island updated.
  • The Nugget Bridge conversation has been changed.
  • Blue runs inside the house.
  • Abra has Twisted Spoon (Rocket Reward).
  • Psyduck has Focus Band (Rocket Reward).
  • In the Yellow Alternate hack, Super Move Lady on Cape Brink is removed if you choose a Yellow Starter.
  • Jirachi location edited.

What’s New – v1.25

  • Several. Bug fixes.
  • Added shortcut in Viridian Forest to purchase all TMs and Held Items in advance.
  • Waterblue 1.24 updates
  • Giovanni Moved to Silph Co. to avoid the game’s soft lock.
  • Cinnabar Gym doors unlocked.
  • Berry Forest is locked until post-game.
  • Change in Rocket Warehouse release conditions.
  • Depending on the starter chosen, your rival will have the team they have in the game, in the Pokémon Adventures Manga, or in the Pokémon Origins adaptation.





caminopreacher, ShinyDragonHunter, [YetAnotherBrony], Teh Blazer

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