Pokemon Victory Fire

Pokemon Victory Fire

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Victory Fire Version GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Wind1158
  • Version: v2.7
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: March 8, 2024
  • Language: English

Pokemon Victory Fire is a GBA ROM Hack by Wind1158 based on Pokemon Emerald in English. And it is now available to download. it was last updated on March 8, 2024.

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“The victory is yours, it’s time to save the whole Tyron Region.”


Iron/Pure, a determined young boy/girl, had an unwavering ambition—to become the greatest trainer in the Tyron Region. With a burning passion for Pokemon, Ihe/she dreamed of embarking on an extraordinary journey filled with challenges and triumphs. But little did he/she know that fate had something extraordinary in store.

One fateful night, a mysterious Pokemon appeared in his/her dream, reaching out to him/her with an undeniable connection. The enigmatic creature revealed that it had chosen him/her as its destined partner. As dawn broke and Iron/Pure awakened from the dream, a newfound sense of purpose surged within.

Eager to embark on his Pokemon journey, he/she ventured into the world, clutching a Poke Ball containing his very first companion. Along the way, he encountered a neighbor named Uranium—an aloof and unfriendly boy who, rather than training his own Pokemon, relied on the strength of others’ Pokemon. Despite the initial frosty reception, Iron remained undeterred, determined to forge a friendship with Uranium.

Just as Iron/Pure was ready to bid farewell to his/her hometown and set off on his/her grand adventure, a distressing sight unfolded before his/her eyes. Professor Ivan, a revered figure in the community and a well-respected Pokemon expert, found himself under attack by none other than members of Team Mirage—an elusive and formidable organization wreaking havoc across the Tyron Region. The true intentions of Team Mirage remained shrouded in mystery, leaving the entire region on edge.

Driven by a sense of justice and a desire to protect the innocent, Iron/Pure made a vow to challenge the nefarious Team Mirage. His/Her journey would take him/her to every corner of the expansive region as he/she sought to unravel the organization’s sinister plans and put an end to their malevolent schemes.


  • New region
  • New Tyron-styled Trick House
  • Underground Black Market in Marble City
  • Some Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon
  • Some new tiles



Chris thoroughly tested this new version and many glitches were taken out thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw, now most glitches from all previous versions should be gone. Also, there are some new additions:

  • The PSS Split system was redone, and now the category icon is shown.
  • The Exp Share system was redone thanks to jiangzhengwenjzw’s help, now it works exactly the same as how it should be in generation 6, and it can be turned on/off through a key item.
  • The movepool of all fully evolved Pokemon was redone, several new moves were added and some old moves were made to be more useful, like the HMs, and so on.
  • The cries of Pokemon were corrected, also, the sprites of the Pokemon from the later generation were adjusted a bit.
  • It’s possible to fly to all towns, this wouldn’t be possible without jiangzhengwenjzw’s help.
  • Also, with jiangzhengwenjzw’s help, there are features like making a Pokemon shiny were added.
  • So, this new version should be way more stable than the previous ones. However, the old save file will not be compatible with the new version, because the whole save data structure was greatly changed.


  • Grammatical errors corrected for final version 2.65 (tpp music patch included)
  • The update fixed some glitches like Venusaur not mega evolving, I’m like 70% sure the bad egg thing should be fixed in this patch. If the bad egg thing is still not fixed, please tell me.
  • And an in-game exp. all patch was added. If you are interested in unlocking this exp. all item, you can check out this thing here and pay 4000 pokedollars for the exp. all item. (Credits to Samu from Whack a hack foro for the asm routine)
Pokemon Victory Fire GBA


Pokemon Victory Fire GBA

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