Pokemon Ultra Blaze

Pokemon Ultra Blaze

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ultra Blaze GBA Rom

  • Creator: Vaporeon22
  • Version: Beta 1.1
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: Tom301 AirXD Callosa

Pokemon Ultra Blaze is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red.


The story revolves around Solgaleo, the Blazing Legendary Sun Pokemon of Alola Region. Team Flare, being the evil group organization of Kalos Region heard about the spreading news that Solgaleo has come to Onalowa Region. After having lots of research, they had discovered that this Pokemon has an overwhelming Power of Flame, the Team quickly went off to Onalowa Region to capture the Legendary Pokemon.

But Lysandre has an evil plan, he wanted Solgaleo to exceed more Flame! He wanted an undefeatable Power! He wanted an Ultra Blaze!!! So he started researching about this Ultra Power, the power of the Ultra Sun!! He did this to become the most Powerful Pokemon Trainer on Earth… That’s why Lusamine, the President of the Aether Foundation, also took off to Onalowa Region to stop Lysandre and his gang.

Lusamine asks you for help. She wants you to look for the Legendary Moon Pokemon and activate its Ultra Moon Power to stop Lysandre. Can you save the Onalowa Region from the hands of Team Flare? Well, only you can answer…


  • New region
  • Gen 7 Pokemon + Ultra Beasts and Alolan Forms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Custom graphics
  • Rideable Pokemon
  • Ash Greninja




Tom301 AirXD Callosa