Pokemon Sun Red

Pokemon Sun Red

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Sun Red GBA Rom

  • Creator: joedram0
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: 2019

Pokemon Sun Red GBA: An ALOLA NEW way to play Fire Red! Catch classic Gen I & II Pokemon as well as Gen VII Alolan Pokemon in Kanto in a unique take on the Fire Red formula.

In the Author’s words

I wanted to play around with Alolan Pokemon but also make them my own and perhaps even fix some smaller issues people seemed to have with their attributes. Hence the Pokemon SUN RED hack for Fire Red. Choose your starter of Litten, Rowlet, or Popplio to be your Pokemon partner.

Like a lot of other hacks, almost every Pokemon can be caught from Gen I and II but I wanted to limit it to only those Gens so as not to pull attention away from the Classic Fire Red gameplay. Since you couldn’t find many Hoenn Pokemon in the original Fire Red, I replaced all Hoenn with Alolan Pokemon.

Rather than make a completely new game or add every Pokemon, the experience of SUN RED was mostly to have a more intimate and diverse group of Pokemon that you can use throughout the game. This is not a difficulty hack or anything, it’s just a fun new way to play Fire Red with the ability to use Alolan Pokemon, catch them, and freely switch between Alolan and Kanto forms (with the right item).

That being said there are quite a few changes to the standard Fire Red with a complete overhaul of almost every Pokemon. There are also over 400 new moves added with updated move effects as well. I wanted a lot of my favorite Pokemon to be more viable or have a cool signature move so movesets have been changed quite a bit. However, I still tried to keep things balanced as best I could, just to make it fun (there aren’t really any brokenly powerful moves).

Minor type changes have been implemented and evolution methods have been changed for several Pokes including trade evolutions. A full list of changes can be read in the ChangeLog.

As for why Hoenn Pokemon were removed from this Hack, I have been making an Emerald Hack that is very similar to this though it only includes Sinnoh and Kalos Pokemon that will accompany the Hoenn Pokemon (So Gen IV, VI, and III while Gen I and II are excluded. I chose those Pokes for the same reason as I chose Alolan Pokemon for this hack, I simply don’t have a 3DS and do not plan on getting one so I can’t play with X and Y Pokemon.


  • 7th Gen Pokémon
  • Alola forms
  • Fairy type
  • Special physical division
  • Ice resists Dragon and Water
  • Steel resists Fight and weak against Psychic
  • Day and night system
  • Alola Initials
  • Kanto and Jotho initials are found with npc and in game trades
  • New in-game exchanges
  • New legendary events
  • New evolution items
  • New scams