Pokemon Peridot

Pokemon Peridot

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  • Creator: Sea Tree
  • Version: Demo 2.04
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: January 16, 2021


Pokemon Peridot takes place in a new, yet-unnamed, region and this first demo will take the player up to the fourth gym. The story is going to be contained within small sidequests that are not necessary to progress within the game. The ones featured in this demo revolve around a group of burglars who have been stealing items.


  • A brand-new region to explore
  • Previously unused Pokemon from various points in Gold & Silver’s development
  • Two rivals
  • Gyms can be completed out of order
  • Move Tutors are scattered around the maps
  • Every starter will be available through in-game trades
  • Gyms cannot be exited until the player beats the leader or whites out
  • No physical/special split
  • Dark was changed to be a physical type, and Ghost special
  • Added Fairy-type
  • Some modern moves
  • Movepools and stats updated to reflect modern generations.
  • Trade evolutions changed (max happiness or level-up + item)
  • Reusable TMs
  • Updated PC and Battle UI
  • Mystery Gift NPC that will give the player 3 items per day




Sea Tree, hyperdriveguy, coraldev, MayoRaptor, pfero, Rangi, FIQ, darsh, pret, Elko, /rheg/