Pokemon Aluminum

Pokemon Aluminum

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Aluminum GBA Rom

  • Creator: Ash_Blawsome
  • Version: v0.1
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Updated: April 6, 2020

In Pokemon Aluminum, you play as a young, aspiring trainer, as well as child of two former trainers. You go to the local professor, Prof. Canary for one of three rare Pokemon along with another young trainer from a far away island. After leaving for your journey to capture all Pokemon in the Epico, as well as Swoile region, you soon meet up with the evil team Ubers! Team Ubers is a group with the goal of taking over Pokemon Showdown, and plan to take over servers so nobody else can use the battle simulator, affecting trainer schools, Pokemon Research, and pro battling divisions! Can you stop the evil team Ubers from achieving their goal?


  • A semi-open world map
  • Over 380 new Pokemon including Fakemon, regional variants, and new evolutions
  • No HMs necessary to complete the game
  • A name rating and move reminding service in every Pokemon center
  • Re-balancing of moves to new versions of effects/power etc
  • Brand new moves
  • Custom shinies for each Pokemon
  • ??? Type Pokemon




Ash_Blawsome, Ikarus Lost Property