Pokemon Mega Prime Emerald X is an Emerald Rom Hack with a lot of New & Amazing Features like Mega Evolution & Gen 8 Pokemon! It was created by PokeDama's Tips.

Pokemon Supreme Fire: Mewtwo's Revenge is a spin-off of the original Pokemon Supreme Fire. In the words of the author, It's not really a story-based hack.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Lost Legacy GBA ROM. It has got an amazing story, new region, starters, tileset, sprites & much more to discover!

Pokemon Cyan is Firered hack located in the tropical archipelago of Celia, featuring a decision-based storyline, a mix of official Pokémon and high quality..

As the name suggests, Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA tries to adapt the history and region of the original pokemon sword and shield games for the Nintendo Switch!

In Pokemon Crystallos, you're a kid raised in a far away island, but your adventure into the Ninguit Region starts with a little request from Professor

Pokemon CrystalDust is a remake of Pokémon Crystal with the engine from Pokémon Emerald. See the game come to life in ways you never imagined as you

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Supreme Fire Final Remake/Rebalance GBA Rom. It was created by Calistrotic22 and packs a ton of awesome features!

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Version is largely a "quality of life improvement" type of ROM hack, and does not alter the main storyline.

Pokemon Advanced Version is an improvement type hack of Pokemon FireRed, created by a well known rom developer, Victini D. It was last updated in April, 2019.