Pokemon Misty Orange

Pokemon Misty Orange

Download Pokemon Misty Orange RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: Nomists
  • Version: Demo 1.1
  • Updated: June 11, 2024

Pokemon Misty Orange is an RPGXP FanGame by Nomists made using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on June 11, 2024.

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NOT Pokémon: Misty Orange is a dating sim parody of the early Pokémon games and anime. It’s based on Pokébeach’s 2008 interview with Masamitsu Hidaka, the Pokémon anime’s former director. In addition to other gems, Hidaka stated that the Pokémon anime would not keep Misty as a permanent character because they preferred changing up female characters and putting them in bathing suits to keep boys interested. The current demo is one-third the length of the full game, which is expected to be completed within the next two to three years.


Ash Ketchum never went on his Pokémon adventure, instead staying at home in his mother’s basement to play video games, watch anime, and ogle ‘Tat streamers. On a Friday night, Misty, the leader of the Water Gym, announces she will marry the person who can defeat her in a Pokémon battle by the end of the weekend. Despite lacking potential, training, or capabilities, Ash embarks on a magical journey to win the love of his life. But will all the beautiful women he meets along the way allow him to get to Misty?


  • Misty! 
  • Over two hours of straight unabated memes! 
  • Designed for streamers! 
  • One of The Gamer’s 25 “Best Fan-Made Pokémon Games”
  • Receive female attention (They are not real)! 
  • Secret content! 
  • Branching dialogue and sub-quests! 
  • A questionable understanding of biology!
  • Exclamation Points! 
  • Catch tons of Pokémon? No limitations!





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