Pokemon Cristal de Jade

Pokemon Cristal de Jade

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Cristal de Jade GBA Rom

  • Creator: Arnik
  • Version: Beta
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Cristal de Jade is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Arnik based on Pokemon Fire Red in French. And It is now available to download.


You and your sister are living happily with your parents in a new region which your family just moved to. Every day you two go to school, play with friends, watch TV, play with your Pokemon and train them. This life seems to be happy and normal, but something happened. Because your parents are two scientists, they have many different opponents. One night, some strangers come to your house. There is a fight between your parents and them. After fighting for many minutes, your parents were dead. You and your sister want to have vengeance on these bad people. Can you know who are these guys? Can you defeat them and revenge?

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  • A game in a whole new way: new tiles, new scenarios, new characters, new Pokemon. Everything in this game are nearly new completely.
  • You can catch all Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III.