Pokemon Shock Yellow

Pokemon Shock Yellow

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Shock Yellow GBC Rom

  • Creator: Aryan 10
  • Version: Demo
  • Hack of: Yellow
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Shock Yellow is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Aryan 10 based on Pokemon Yellow Codebase/Engine in English. And It is now available to download.

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Unlike other games, players start with a Pikachu (Pikachu) and a rival (Eevee). The team’s rocket serves another special animation based on surprise, while Jessie and James appeared with Pokémon, Ekans, Koffing, Meowth. In addition to these changes, the plot is very similar to that of Yellow and Red Green, Japanese Blue, Western Red, and Blue Japanese Conspiracy. He finally received permission from his Pokemon trainer, now becomes the best Pokémon trainer in the world! While browsing the abnormal formation has gone from being such a great surprise so the world’s Pikachu (Pikachu) is tagged back. The confrontation with torrential rains Blastoise. Stand firm when faced with Pidgeot Storm. The defeat of the eight gym leaders to develop the final Pokémon strategy is the best pokemon master all the time!


  • Now full color graphics
  • Are you Pokemon captured or received.
  • Some types of mobile have been changed.
  • Changing some kind of Pokemon and moving sets
  • The leader of gymnastics, Elite4 and stronger competitors use different Pokemon.
  • One or more ball in master game
  • Mart puts other items on sale.
  • Corner of the game products are now different.
  • Aide Roble ‘s offers other items.
  • Which are not on the list of more




Aryan 10