Download Pre-Patched Pokemon The Red & Blue Sequel GBA. Prepare yourself for a fresh encounter with the Kanto region, immersing in an entirely novel experience.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ash H2K Battle Frontier Version GBA ROM. It is a firered hack where you play as Ash Ketchum in the Hoenn region. No HMs are needed!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Complete Crystal GBC ROM. It is designed as an upgrade to the original Pokemon Crystal, although it doesn't feel like a diff game.

Pokemon Primeval Black 2 is an increased difficulty hack of Pokemon Black 2. Inspired by the mechanics of Pokemon Vintage White, Primeval Black 2 pits you...

Download Pre-Patched Touhoumon Heart Gold NDS ROM. It has Overhauled Sprites & Puppets, New Typings, New Moves, Many QoL Improvements, Battle Frontier & More!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Following Platinum NDS ROM. It brings the beloved Walking Pokémon feature from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver to Sinnoh

Download Pokemon Recharged Yellow GBA. It is inspired by Pokémon Yellow with a PSS system, Following Pokemon, Gen 4 Mechanics & Pikachu as Starter!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Platinum Redux NDS ROM. It is a difficulty rom hack of Platinum that aims to provide a more challenging Platinum experience.

Download Pokemon Exceeded GBA. It is a new decomp hack with Mega Evolution, Pokemon up to Gen 8, Nuzlocke Mode, Difficulty Modes, All Starters & More!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Good Ruby GBA ROM. This is, on paper, a fairly standard 386+ hack of Ruby. Mechanics are updated to gen 7 standards where possible.